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N.E.S.T was founded by Nathan Edwards of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. N.E.S.T was created to provide an opportunity for youth athletes to engage in competitive sports, while also developing skills that are necessary for becoming the best athletes they can be. We believe that sports are a great way for our youth to learn key principles that will not only help them in their sport, but in life as well. We emphasize HARD WORK, DEDICATION and a COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. With these three things athletes can increase their chances of success in whatever they may do. It is not to say that with hard work, dedication to their craft, and a commitment to excellence that we will not fail, failure is apart of life, but we are not defined by our failures. We are defined by what we do after we fail.  We can accept failure, or we can prove to ourselves that whatever we want to accomplish is possible if we attack our goals every day.


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